Perception is the root of pain and healing

If you want to heal any situation it requires a shift in perception

Perception is how we organise what we see into a conclusion. Every problem has a solution but to find the solution we must know the problem. We only decide we have a problem because we feel bad and we only feel bad because of the way we’re looking at it. The way we look at something causes us to allow certain feelings and the vibration in those feelings attracts the same back to us. So, if we look at something that causes us to feel bad, we attract “feeling bad” back to us.

You’ve decided things are going wrong

It’s possible for everything to be going wrong technically and nothing feel like it’s going according to plan and still feel happy. It’s only how you’re looking at things that determines whether you feel bad.  Relationship breakups are the perfect example. A couple starts looking at each other with a picture in mind of what they each should be doing. When a partner’s behaviour doesn’t match up with the expectation they have in their mind, they start to feel bad. Instead of adjusting the picture, they try to manipulate and control their partner into being and doing what they feel should happen. Feeling out of control attracts feeling out of control.

All pain or healing is caused by a change in perception

What to do when things feel bad

Keep in mind that the goal is to change the feeling, not necessarily the situation. Start with the premise, you will never get it all done and you will never get it wrong. Let go of how you’ve decided things must go and tell yourself, “everything’s working out for my good. I trust myself“. Don’t focus on what has to be done, focus on changing only how you feel. If you can’t frame the problem in a way that you can feel it’s ok and you can relax more, then distract yourself completely.


By causing a shift in your emotions, you will cause a shift in the situation. I know it sounds flimsy but you can be in the middle of a frustrating business day and just jumping to YouTube and playing a funny video is more powerful than trying to push against something that’s full of friction and anxiety. Pushing is the evidence that you don’t feel powerful and in control. Calm down and back off! Don’t let your eyes deceive you. The most powerful action is action to manage your emotions, not being even more active and busy to try and get things moving.



The quality of what you feel will always depend only on the way you are looking at it. Start with the premise, you will never get it all done and you will never get it wrong. You get what comes along because of what you feel. Pain builds up because the way you keep looking at something encourages you to feel bad. Healing comes about because of the way you decide to shift the way you are looking at something.