Is snoring a problem or is it someone else's insomnia problem?

He has a snoring problem, I can’t sleep!

Moment of Clarity If the snoring is not keeping him awake then he doesn't have a snoring problem, however you might have an awake problem that's trying to speak to you... what troubling situation within you is wanting to soothe itself?
Get clarity about love and it being a decision

Problem is I don’t love my partner anymore!

Moment of Clarity Love is not something we fall into or out of. Love is not something that just happens and we stop feeling it. Love is a state we feel that encourages us to do something kind for another person.
Article about the real value of marriage

What is marriage and why does it matter?

Moment of Clarity: Marriage is the coming together of two people to create a life together. That initial attraction is evidently real by how it feels, however, how it’s meant to unfold for the best is not known consciously.
Simple exercise for releasing emotional or physical pain

How do you release emotional resistance?

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Moment of Clarity: Any time you feel bad, whether it’s an emotion or a physical pain, it’s what is called a trigger. This trigger is your energy fields (or body) letting you know about resistance.