How can releasing confusion improve my health and release pain?

Pay the highest price for your meat as a reflection of your investment

Are you abusing animals without realising?

Moment of Clarity When you go to the supermarket start thinking about the price you pay for the meat. It’s not eating meat that’s hurting us or the world, it’s our “individual” relationship with that animal who has given it’s life for us.
Take the tired test to see if you are tired or

Tired or bored, take the Tired Test

Moment of Clarity: How can you tell if you’re really tired? Imagine you’ve just won the lottery and see if you’re too tired to pick up the cheque.There’s a condition though, you’ve got to hop on a plane in an hour. Can you do it?
Pain and healing both come from a shift in perception

What is the root of pain and healing?

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Moment of Clarity: Perception causes us to draw conclusions and activate certain emotions. These emotions take us towards what we want or away from it. To heal pain we must shift our perceptions.
Come out of your comfort zone article

Get into your comfort zone not out of it

Moment of Clarity:Your comfort zone feels good and good feelings attract good experiences. You can change your life in exciting ways but telling yourself to come out of your comfort zone will cause resistance inside you.