How can you tell if you’re really tired or just disinterested?

Take the tired test to see if you're really tired

Imagine you’ve just won the lottery and see if you’re too tired to pick up the cheque.

There’s a condition though, you’ve got to hop on a plane in an hour. Can you do it?

If you’re too tired then you’re going to be struggling to imagine getting out the door.  It means your energy levels need attention. You can fix it by catching up on sleep, eating better, yoga, making sure you’re hydrated.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to run out the door, then you’re not tired. It means that whatever you had on your to do list are things you don’t want to do. Maybe you’ve got a list of things you think you’ve got to do when you haven’t. If you feel tired at the thought of doing them, ask yourself why it’s so important. Why are you actually doing it? Something that will really help is knowing that  you’ll never get it wrong and you’ll never get it all done.

It’s no good feeling bad about things you need to do. It’s the bad feeling that’s throwing a spanner in the works, not doing it or not. The best way to turn things around is to talk yourself into the benefits of doing it. Think about how great you’ll feel and how anyone else will benefit. That’s the best way to find the energy and get rid of resistance because that’s what the perception of tiredness is, just resistance.



Feeling tired can help you realise where you’re resistant. Resistance stops the things you want finding you. It’s not energy that achieves your goals it’s happiness; tiredness helps you realise where you aren’t happy.