Use your Home & Work Space
to Remove Fear & Insecurity

Everything your heart wants you to feel is hidden behind feelings of fear and not feeling safe. Discover a fun and motivating way of using the 4 walls of your home to reveal and remove those blockages.

Your dreams are alive!
Take the Test:
Which home
do you like best?

If your dream home were to suddenly appear, which of these properties would it be (or resemble)?

Now that you’ve decided which of these living situations suits your style, isn’t it funny how it probably took you a few seconds to identify which one(s) fits you. They are very varied and yet at least one of them “felt good”; it attracted you.

Maybe it wasn’t even the house but the location and surrounding areas that just felt ‘right’? Either way, there was no “discussion”, you just knew without having lived there. That’s because your dream scenarios already exist! The real issue is not that you don’t know what’s in your dreams, the issue is resistance.

Tear up your
“Self-Development To Do List” …

Stop doing things that suck!

I am inviting you to a day of liberation from the believed curse of “not enough” and the myth of “hard work pays off”; I know through proof, that you can have enough of what you really want if you’re willing to flip the switch in your perception, chuck all your trained school rules in the toilet and stay true to what lights you up.

This is for you if …..

  • You enjoy playing with your living spaces; you can’t help stopping the Facebook feed as soon as you see something for your home that gets you excited;

  • You feel drained at the thought of another self-development seminar; you’re tired of doing things you don’t normally do to try and change things, because you still end up disappointed and feeling like a failure;

  • You’re willing to accept or investigate how you are the one creating your experience and therefore the only power to change it;

  • You want a life-shifting, simple technique to clear fearful destructive emotions out of the way once and for all;

  • You’re tired of hearing you need to change; when you hear that, not only do you feel like shit, you feel de-energised, de-motivated and overwhelmed!

  • You want to feel more in control; you want to get rid of that stuck feeling that life’s not moving and you don’t want it to feel like you have to push and squeeze your way there;

  • You feel like throwing up every time you hear words like “focus, goal-setting, working hard, having a vision, being structured”; your head says this makes sense but you either never do anything with it, or the buzz lasts about two days and you end up feeling more of a failure than before you spent the time and money!

  • You want to improve any health issues; you want to feel better without having to take up exercise and eat in ways you’re just not excited or inspired to do. You want to understand why this is happening!

  • You want to take the pain and struggle out of relationships; you want to experience more love without having to do things you just don’t feel like doing.

  • You want to take the pain out of the subject of money; you want to stop it dictating and driving life on so many levels.

  • You want to ‘feel at home’  and bring that ‘real you’ that’s screaming inside, out; you feel you have more to express and create but you don’t know how to get it out in the easiest, most enjoyable way. Every time you get an impulse fear hits you head on.


Is this for everyone?

No. If you’re someone who just can’t accept (or don’t want to entertain the idea) that what’s happening in life is happening because of you and only you, this day is going to provoke the shit out of you. However, if you’re on the fence and being provoked already enough to be curious, then this day will be perfect!

Is this a course about interior design?

No. It is a way to use interior design to clear the emotional energy that is hidden and how to re-use it to your advantage. It’s a more energising way to shift your electro-magnetic energy field that’s creating the reality you are living now into more expansion of what feels better. It’s like when you sit down to watch a Walt Disney movie; you sit down with your popcorn to have fun and be entertained, however while you’re watching, you’re opening yourself to nuggets of wisdom because there’s no “resistance” which there would be if you were trying to “fix yourself”.

Isn’t this another self-development course?

No. You are already developed. This day is about encouraging you to realise that your resources for joy and fun are already here… and how to lift any “e-motional” shadows clouding them! This course is about revelation not revolution.

Do I have to have any interior design experience?

No but neither will you be an “interior designer” at the end. The course is about taking resistance out of your energy field so flow can happen. It’s about doing something that needs to happen but with a topic you’re already happy with; having fun playing with furniture, paint, accessories, etc.. If you’ve arranged a living space already, you already have everything you need to make this work.

I’m not very good at styling, can this still work for me?

Yes. Newsflash, you are good at styling; you might feel you can’t style the way other people do but your style comes through your feelings and if it feels good to you, it is never wrong. There is no definitive style that is right or wrong. The reason why so many accepted ideas about styling have come about such as Maximalist, Bo-Ho, Japandi, Contemporary, Minimalist, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, Scandinavian etc. is simply the evidence that we are all different and we are starting to become more “defined”. If you know how to recognise what you like, you are more than qualified at styling!

I don’t have a lot of money to play with, can I still create impact?

Absolutely. Not only that, but we’re going to be dealing with the dreaded “moola-monster”, money, in a way that changes your relationship with it altogether. We will look at where your attitude towards money is stopping you pull in more abundance and how to open up flow using a couple of simple, emotional-sabotage release techniques.


We will be looking at the degree of light you’re accessing. Have you ever wondered why you struggle to find solutions, know what to do next or simply feel life is dark? We will look at establishing where you can use more light to trigger light bulb moments. Light is something that has to be created on purpose otherwise life defaults to darkness. Think about a room, if you do nothing, dark will exist without you doing anything. Once you switch on the light, darkness can’t enforce itself, it can only exist once you turn off the light again.


Does your reality feel smaller than you feel is there for you? Our eyes delude us into believing that what we see is all there is but this is an illusion. It’s part of the game though; problem is that the fun only gets felt once we’ve changed our reality. Could you be living in a self-imposed prison and want to have your vision expanded to experience the castle?


Are you feeling on top of things or do you feel reality is riding you? Are you feeling overwhelmed and want to feel on top of things more than you do? So often, it can be something very easy to change that’s causing a big feeling of overwhelm; it’s enough to send you into what feels like a dark, downward spiral of epic proportions, unnecessarily!


Create more effect with what you have. One of our most destructive habits is always assuming we need more. Or, even worse, we totally rubbish what we’ve created because we can’t see where it can get us. What you have in front of you can delude you in epic proportions. Let’s stick with the “epic proportions” theme but have it work for you in constructive ways, i.e. use your living spaces to become an alchemist and change things into a form you just didn’t imagine possible (though your feelings sensed it was there.). Let’s shatter some old stories and play with your perceptions to win more.

Moment of clarity


Are you feeling strong and confident? Is it time to feel more secure about life? Are you feeling pushed around by life or simply feeling invisible, invalidated or just not “significant”?  Strength is a feeling we all need in our day. No matter how much we own materialistically, we all have the same fundamental needs in order to thrive and expand into new changes in our life. There are fun things we can do to bring this energy on so things can shift the way our heart wants to.


Are you getting excited or just playing it safe? Are you ready for more of life and feel you don’t want to keep living the experiences you’ve already had the juice out of? We learn to play it safe and stick to what we know; scared to risk but the pain we feel is not really from a perception of “risk” it’s coming from the emotion of fear. You can create shifts without having to dive head first into huge effort! The feeling of the size of the burden is the perception that keeps the monster in place. It is not wise to recommend you “come out of your comfort zone”; the very thought causes more resistance. You don’t need to be a hero to have a fabulous life… unless you are Superman and being a hero is your “fabulous life” expression!


A fundamental shift has started and there is no going back. The shift drives us all to live knowing that the outside is a perfect mirror of the inside and the only power to change life to let in the experiences we want to have is in our self.

 We all know how to work with what we can see but now we’re changing gears big time.. tapping into the MAGIC & SUPER POWERS of what we can’t see!

50 years ago, to stand up and talk about a device such as a mobile phone would have been considered hocus pocus… but now, not only do we fully accept that we can pick up a piece of plastic with no wiring attached, call a friend sitting on the beach 4,000 miles away and actually hear the lapping of the waves …

we actually get angry if it doesn’t work!!

We’ve made ourselves ready without even being aware of it. However, there’s a galaxy more of untapped information floating around for us to tap into that we haven’t been taught! The power of that information is not where the good stuff is but the opposite, where am I stopping it and how do I blow these few (yet critical) lies, out of the water?

I’m Annemarie, super empath, introvert and clarity facilitator. I started a journey over 40 years ago to get rid of exhausting inner darkness; I didn’t feel safe being here (regardless of the outward safe environment by parents provided for me. At the age of 16, I was encouraged to “get out into the world and get a job”. For the next 25 years, I worked undercover by day in the corporate world and in my free time, I explored every latest hair-curling healing and self-development method I could spend my money on.

One day while I was re-decorating the room I was renting in a shared house, I was knocked sideways by an out of body experience. From one moment to the next, I turned from someone watching the room, to becoming the room. There was no me. I ended where the walls ended. I had no idea what I was supposed to do with this except that in that one moment, I knew to my core that everything I could see, hear, smell, taste and touch was coming from me; it was me!

I’ve used this epiphany to carve out a great life but not before I’d been taken on a journey through the trenches of working life the hard way. A journey that was to disprove, that everything I had been taught so far, was not the truth about how life really works or what the real pain in our life is and how it gets there. I know first hand, how it feels to live with trained beliefs that a good life comes through hard work, focus, discipline, having to change, getting more education, setting goals, being responsible and establishing financial security… when in fact a good life comes from removing the fear and feelings of not feeling safe that creates a complex barrage of seemingly other problems that are not the cause. The chaos then compounds because we launch into potential solutions without actually know the problem.

Prior to the revelation that showed me behind the scenes of life … I had established that I can focus. I am strong-willed and determined. I am super independent. I have lived in 6 different countries proving I can take action, can be flexible and can change. I went back to college at 26 because I thought I needed “college diplomas”. I can earn a good salary. I can get avalanches of offers to work at companies and I’ve actually taken up about 40 of these offers,

but life still sucked massively …

until that fateful day in January 1998 when this out of body experience revealed a revelation that was to shift everything hidden. Revelations that knocked me sideways at the simplicity of how much ease and joy we can open up to.

Bring yourself HOME …

This day is about uncovering and transforming the DARKNESS in you that’s resisting YOUR TRUE PURPOSE… in a way that is energising and inspiring, leaving you feeling more in control (maybe for the first time ever).


Seats Available: 40

Price: 3.000,- DKr.

Location: Fælleshuset Søndergård, Søndergårds Allé 69, Måløv (100 metres from Måløv station).

Date: Sunday 8th January 2023

Time: 00:00 – 00:00 (hour lunch break)

Preparation? Take some snapshots of your living spaces because you might want to refer to them.

Lunch? If you don’t want to bring yourself a lunch pack, there are options closeby. Within 3 minutes walking: Cafe Iglo / Meny (Salads available at bakery just inside the door & take away meals at the back of the shop to the right) / Netto (salads available in fridge just as you walk in the door).

Parking? There are 18 free parking spaces directly behind the Fælleshus (see map). There is free parking at Måløv station which is a three minute walk under the station tunnel to the Fælleshus (see map).

“Interior Design Your Mind” will blow your mind because…

it bypasses all of your old beliefs, history, wounds, and emotional baggage so you can create a new exciting relationship with what you want… without dragging you into any more “self-development” suffering.

  • Shake up lifelong patterns around money that keep you under-manifesting.
    You’ll rewire and upgrade your internal money-making DNA to immediately increase the incoming flow.

  • Heading.
    You’ll align your vision, expectations, and actions to receive abundance without requiring a shit load of stuff you just “don’t want to do”.

  • Bend reality so that your far-fetched fantasies become real-life experiences.
    Obliterate paradigms that most of the population believes is normal… so you can experience more of what makes you happy, faster and easier.

  • Uncover your reality-shifting super power.
    Maximize your natural genius for creating the kind of experiences that make your heart sing so that the process is soulful, energizing, and brings your best self front and center.