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You have already created it,
just clear up the contradicting feelings

Article about being a creator

Creator or relator, what’s important?

Moment of Clarity: You are here as a creator to keep creating. Relationships are there to serve your creativity. One of the biggest hindrances we experience is thinking about how others will feel if we actually do that.
Article about how relationships only involving how one person is relating.

A relationship involves only one person

Moment of Clarity: A relationship only contains the illusion of another person. Even though we think that the other person is making us feel bad, or feeling good, they aren’t. A relationship is literally how we are 'relating'.
Pain and healing both come from a shift in perception

What is the root of pain and healing?

Moment of Clarity: Perception causes us to draw conclusions and activate certain emotions. These emotions take us towards what we want or away from it. To heal pain we must shift our perceptions.
Pay attention to what you are feeling about people

Giving what you want people to receive

Moment of Clarity: People don't receive your good intentions, they receive what you're feeling. People don't receive your words, deeds or things you give them. Be determined to give the gift of powerful vibrations.
Relationship problem, why a partner is not listening to you

Why isn’t my partner listening?

Moment of Clarity: If you want a partner to listen to you then say something or change the way you say it so they can feel how it will better their situation. Image you are talking to a child, would it work for them?
Come out of your comfort zone article

Get into your comfort zone not out of it

Moment of Clarity:Your comfort zone feels good and good feelings attract good experiences. You can change your life in exciting ways but telling yourself to come out of your comfort zone will cause resistance inside you.