How can interior design / home changes
increase more of what I want?

Because how you feel in your living spaces
mirrors how you feel about yourself

Why is that so important? It’s important because feelings are vibrational frequencies and everything you want is a frequency. To attract what you want, the frequencies must match in order to allow those things to materialise in your life.

So ask yourself how you want to feel and make sure you can find those feelings in your living spaces. You have manifested your home and living and working spaces as a perfect mirror of how you feel about yourself. If it feels cluttered it’s your inner self telling you to get rid of some stuff because you feel cluttered. If it feels there’s not enough room it’s because you are not giving yourself room. If it doesn’t feel safe it’s because you are feeling insecure and unsafe. Nothing is just the way it is, everything is that way justly and you are in complete control.

It is how you feel about your living spaces that matters

The only thing that matters about your home is how you feel. It’s nobody else’s business so don’t let yourself be judged. You can live in 50 square metres, borrowed, rented, whatever feels OK to you. Also, the size of your home or the size of the problem you think exists is a complete illusion. Generations past “saved up” a lifetime to buy a home because they didn’t know the truth about how we create things. They could so easily have had the house(s) bought and paid for and had lots more fun and luxuries along the way!

The moment you get excited, it becomes a reality

Your home can change as many times as you feel it needs to. The most important thing is to know that you know the truth inside of what you want by the way you feel and by noticing what you like. I can show you a dozen pictures of completely different homes and you will know instantly which one you like. It gets even more exciting, the moment you get excited and say “that’s me”, it becomes a reality. The pain we feel is not that it didn’t become real but that it didn’t become real in this reality.

You’re living spaces are dying to tell you how to attract more happiness

All your answers are at home

Think about this, the richer people become, the more attention and money they invest in their home. The wealthier people become, the more meticulous they get about cleaning and organising their wardrobes regardless of whether their men or women.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re born affluent or come from humble or poor backgrounds. The rich vibration they are housing inside, drives a richer house on the outside. The abundance doesn’t care about their past behaviour. It doesn’t give a toss about who they were and what they used to think, only that who they are now is richer. By allowing themselves to feel worthy and more valuable, it attracts an interest in property that mirrors that. They’re attracted to gated communities because it mirrors how they feel inside. They become habitual at ” keeping out threats to anything jeopardising the dream happening”. It’s not motivated by a belief that “I am better than you”, it’s motivated by the energy inside which is resonating a feeling “I like living in a beautiful location that feels space“.

The biggest investment any of us will ever make in our lives is our home and that’s because our home holds truth about us and why we’re not pulling things we want into our into life.


What is your home and working spaces dying to tell you about the fastest way into your vortex

Book on changing your life by changing your home

The book is an eye opener into what each room mirrors in your subconsciousness and why you’ve created it the way you have. It’s a great step-by-step guide to how you really feel and what you really allow yourself to believe (as opposed to what you think you believe).

The book gives great suggestions for simple, easy and fun tweaks to change your feelings and attract more of what makes you happy. Each room is an illusion; changing the room doesn’t necessarily mean it only attracts a different home. Making changes can attract anything from your vortex from better health or a career promotion to a delicious marriage or a new business. Just trust yourself in doing something to feel better.


Our living spaces demonstrate the truth of how you feel inside. It is not the size of the property or whether you own it that is resisting more, it is your feelings. What is it about your home or working space that feels bad because with smart changes you change the feeling. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, physics uses the same force to create a seed as it does a castle. The richer experiences are only being kept in a holding space because your feelings are not matching up. Perhaps an exciting colourful painting would help, more light, a mirror to extend the feeling of space, de-cluttering helps you stop feeling boxed in? Be aware of what any bad feeling is so you can tweak what you have to get you feeling better. The home you want is exciting so you must achieve the vibration of exciting any way you can.

Book on interior design to change your life