How can releasing confusion increase
career fulfillment and uncover my genius?

By discovering who you really are
& allowing yourself to be that person

Your career is just another way of saying, this is how I love being a creator and the passion of enjoying it attracts resources to provide everything I need. Regardless of whether you’re actually getting paid, you’re doing something worthwhile. Loving to cook for a partner can attract resources to pay your living expenses. That’s all a career really is, an exchange of your energy for resources. You’ re unique and created with a special talent.  If anyone in the world could do what you do the way you can do it, you’d be irrelevant. You have no competition (even as a business owner).

I worked in recruitment for four years and learned the most important thing about finding a career. Employees who were chosen by the client usually didn’t have the qualifications on paper but “were willing to learn”. These were clients who were adamant that these qualifications were a must. The clients chose the person they liked! Time after time (which also happened in my career), it was what was happening inside the candidate that got them hired. Technically you could argue that I lied on my C.V. but in my mind I knew I would pick up whatever skills they wanted. I applied for the job because the thought of working there (or something about the task) got me excited!

Helpful tips to finding
career fulfillment & purpose

  1. When you’re with other people, what topics do you always want to talking about?
  2. Ask people who know you why they like your company?
  3. If you have a job at the moment, what are the tasks that leave you feeling good?
  4. Why did any past jobs feel good – was it environment, people, tasks?
  5. Which kind of tv programmes do you like and why do you enjoy them?
  6. What, if anything, did you like about school and why?
  7. Can you remember fun things you used to do as a child, why did they feel great?


This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so painful but actually we are being our genius all the time but we don’t notice. Whilst we think that ‘we think about a career’ we actually don’t, we feel it. Not only that but the environment tends to be instinctive too. We also know everything we need to know already but unfortunately society determines that in many professions we need those magical certificates so we sit for years to prove to ourselves that we know what we’re doing.

Self Discovery

Self Discovery is more than a simple personality test.

Download book Self Discovery

You have a personal assignment, a plan written into the cells of your body that renders you a unique genius. So unique and so necessary that not one of the current seven billion people in the world can copy you and if they could, you would not be necessary.


Your career is simply the way you use your talents and passion to uplift life; both for you and anyone around you who can benefit. Forget being of service, you cannot be a source of good in the world if you do not feel good inside. You already know what you like doing so look for opportunities to do it – you don’t have to have a job interview to be pursuing your career – just do it anyway so you and others benefit. It is the feeling of feeling fulfilled that will attract the right income so distract yourself from how much money it gives you.

You are here to create and relationships are here to serve you

Creator or relator, what’s important?

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Moment of Clarity: You are here as a creator to keep creating. Relationships are there to serve your creativity. One of the biggest hindrances we experience is thinking about how others will feel if we actually do that.