How can releasing confusion
improve my relationships and avoid divorce?

Because it’s your perspective
that uplifts or destroys your relationships

When we think about relationships we automatically think of two or more people involved. This is a total mis-perception which deludes us into thinking how we feel is because of the other person. Our relationships are technically the emotions we feel while we are relating to this other person. A relationship is literally how you relate. If it feels bad it’s because the way you’re looking at what they’re doing is causing you to feel bad. However, ultimately, you’re the one in control. Nobody can push their fingers through your skin and push the angry button.

Here’s the basic premise that will flip your view of your life on its head. Within you are masculine and feminine energies which are being broadcast out into physical reality based on the vibrational state you’re in at any given moment. Men are demonstrating how your male is feeling and women, how your female is feeling. The goal is not to try and change people, the goal is to change your perspective such that when you talk to them you know precisely what you are talking to within yourself!

So why does this change my life?

It’s significance is that it gives you a more tangible way to have a relationship with yourself. You become more aware of what’s going on inside you and able to control it. Now you realise any effort is you giving to you instead of shutting down because you feel the other person doesn’t deserve it.

How to use your masculine and feminine energy powerfully

How to flip your perspective
& power up your game

If you are a parent, you already know how a parent will go to the ends of their stamina, patience, energy, belief, resources and beyond for your child. The reason why you treat a child differently is because in your mind you perceive them as “an extension of you”. A parent feels a child belongs to them and therefore it drives a more selfish attitude energetically.

There’s nothing wrong with being selfish if it makes you feel good because your feelings are the only ones that drive your life. While parents feel they are being unselfish by giving to their children, it is actually an illusion. The endless energy is coming from within because it is effecting them powerfully.


Here’s the kicker, here’s where life gets exciting. If you imagine your wife or husband (or anyone for that matter) as an extension of yourself, suddenly the game changes in magnificent ways. It’s so much easier to see how you gain by giving instead of expecting all the giving and compromise having to come from the other person.

Keep this mind, if you didn’t create it, you can’t change it. Give love, time, patience to yourself. You’ve heard the phrase “do unto others as you would have done to you”… this is not about being a “nice person”, this is about being totally selfish and loving yourself!

To marry or not to marry?
Get clear once and for all.

That’s easy, marry if you want to. As a creator, it’ simply a case of whether you suddenly feel excited by this experience. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise because it is nonsense. People will always try to project their preferences onto you but the truth sets you free to be you. Follow your heart.

However, whether marriage becomes part of your life or not, the dynamic has something powerful to offer everyone in understanding how to marry your masculine and feminine energies to create exciting experiences. Ways to marry ourselves and stop the conflict within us; how to recognise and get rid of resistance to having what we want.

What is Marriage?

Why Marriage?


Physical Reality (The actual journey)

He helps you get their physically and depends the speed


Non-Physical Reality (The road map)

She determines what the experience will feel like


What is your Power and your Potential dying to tell you.

Book on relationships, how to balance your masculine and feminine energy to create success

What exciting insights do men and women reveal about you, on how you can marry your power and your potential … and release more prosperity? Things are never what they seem and we are sending destructive message into our reality every day which we are not aware of… or we consider simply insignificant!


Our living spaces demonstrate the truth of how you feel inside. It is not the size of the property or whether you own it that is resisting more, it is your feelings. What is it about your home or working space that feels bad because with smart changes you change the feeling. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, physics uses the same force to create a seed as it does a castle. The richer experiences are only being kept in a holding space because your feelings are not matching up. Perhaps an exciting colourful painting would help, more light, a mirror to extend the feeling of space, de-cluttering helps you stop feeling boxed in? Be aware of what any bad feeling is so you can tweak what you have to get you feeling better. The home you want is exciting so you must achieve the vibration of exciting any way you can.

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