How can releasing confusion
improve my health and release pain?

Because how you feel attracts more of how you feel

The root of all ill-health travels back to the relationship between the imbalance between our true spirit and the person we allow ourselves to live as physically. That lack of harmony is identified vibrationally. The components that come together to effect our health and wellbeing are very complex. We waste too much time separating them and trying to figure the complexity out. The ultimate health guide is your emotional experience which can be defined as a vibrational frequency. We have an automatic built-in mechanism that let’s us know immediately how things feel. A turn of phrase we use when it comes to health is “I feel good or I feel bad”. Therein lies the clue.

If we want to feel good we must allow ourselves things that give us a good feeling. Even if we find ourselves feeling bad, we can get access to vibrational frequencies that can help us change  our feelings.Our health, along with every other area of life, is activated under the magnetic law of attraction. The vibration is allow ourselves to feel is the one that will draw more back to itself. Re-frame any concerns or analysis you have about staying healthy and stay as focused as possible on distracting yourself from feeling bad. Choose company that gives you a good feeling, listen to your heart and act on the things you like to know without being concerned about where it’s going.

Listen to sound tools that can help your cells resonate at healthy frequencies (check out YouTube for vidoes playing at 432 mhz frequencies) also music, laughter and coloured light are great for raising vibrations. The root of every individual’s sickness is vibrational, there are no exceptions. We draw back to us the vibration that our cells are resonating at..

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If only your immune system was weak!

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Come out of your comfort zone article

Get into your comfort zone not out of it

Moment of Clarity:Your comfort zone feels good and good feelings attract good experiences. You can change your life in exciting ways but telling yourself to come out of your comfort zone will cause resistance inside you.
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Moment of Clarity: How can you tell if you’re really tired? Imagine you’ve just won the lottery and see if you’re too tired to pick up the cheque.There’s a condition though, you’ve got to hop on a plane in an hour. Can you do it?
Simple exercise for releasing emotional or physical pain

How do you release emotional resistance?

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Moment of Clarity: Any time you feel bad, whether it’s an emotion or a physical pain, it’s what is called a trigger. This trigger is your energy fields (or body) letting you know about resistance.


Good health is demonstrated by good feelings. Food, exercise, sleep etc. are simply tools we focus on to allow good feelings. All sickness is the resistance of good feelings. Avoid getting caught up in the should’s and have to’s, focus on whatever helps you feel good. It is not nicotine that kills smokers otherwise people would die at the same predicable rate. It is why people are smoking that is contributing to the breakdown in wellbeing. No matter what you are doing, if you really have to do it, then play with your mind to find a way to feel peaceful – that is the healthiest state you can achieve.