How can releasing confusion in
my business increase my profits?

Confusion causes resistance which disrupts flow

There are fundamentally two aspects to investigate to release resistance. The first is how you feel about what you are doing, investing in etc. The second is to look at the components of business, namely the 4 “P’s”. These are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. So much of what we miss is in the details.

Most entrepreneurs didn’t undertake any business studies. That is not a bad thing except that there are some important questions in marketing that are more than often missed (especially if you don’t have a marketing department). These are what are what marketing terms as the “4 P’s”, namely product, price, place and promotion. These refer to focal points of your business that can increase your profit.


Your product is defined as the experiences that it gives a customer and not the actual process of how they get it. Let’s take a television for example. The product is the experiences people get from the programmes, not the screen or the electrical components. To sell more, you need to stay focused on why people want to give you money. Define the product for them in terms of how they will feel better! What situations will change and how will it feel better?


The question is not, can people afford it because if they want it, they will find the money. It’s more important to make sure you believe it can be sold for that price. How do you feel about the price? Make sure the customer can see the price easily regardless of whether you think it would be better to hold it back. If you are withholding it, ask yourself why so you know what belief you have. Customer will mirror your beliefs about your business.


Think about who your customers might be and think about where they might go throughout their day. Focus on what your potential customer might be looking at online and where they are visiting as spots to place your adverts and campaigns. Old school methods such as posters, flyers and mail in the post are still powerful marketing tools; people are still going to the supermarket, the car wash, the dentist and opening their mail box every day.


Promotion is simple, people need to know about (and be reminded about) your products and services. Your business profit depends on orders and orders come from people who are unpredicable. If you have the product defined, you are charging  a justified price, you are placing advertising where they can see it, it’s now simply a question of what “right tuesday” they feel motivated to buy. There is no right day to promote, no right number of times etc., simply that you keep your product visible.

You are here to create and relationships are here to serve you

Creator or relator, what’s important?

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Moment of Clarity: You are here as a creator to keep creating. Relationships are there to serve your creativity. One of the biggest hindrances we experience is thinking about how others will feel if we actually do that.
Can you fake it to make it in life?

Can you fake it until you make it?

Moment of Clarity: No you can’t, fake creates fake. Fake means it’s not real. Thinking about something joyful's not the same as feeling the joy of it. Feeling excited about the experience is the power, not the thought or affirmation.


Think revelation not revolution. Go back to the 4 P’s rather than assuming you need more time, more money etc. There’s no competition. The orders are waiting, so clean up confusion to increase business. Always be aware of how you feel because bad feelings attract bad experiences – more important to be active where it feels good than to be active for the sake of feeling busy – massive action does not mean success, it is how you feel when you’re taking action that matters most.