Best way to release confusion
and allow more money in

Start by taking your focus
off money


Ask what you want the money for, that is what you really want. Yes, you may even answer that you want a pile of money just to be excited about having a pile of money. Either way, the only way you will get the pile of money or the thing you want to buy is by matching up with the excitement of the things.

If, for example you want a new car or a new home you need to feel excited about those things. So often if you start thinking about “the money to get them”, you feel bad. You start to think about how it will come, when, how or even will it? Bad feeling will never get something that feels good to you to show up.

Day dreaming is a perfect way to get into the vibe. Have you test driven that car you want? Have you day dreamed about the colour, who your driving with, where you’re going? Anything that gets you into the feeling of enjoying it is the way to bring it on.

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Can you fake it to make it in life?

Can you fake it until you make it?

Moment of Clarity: No you can’t, fake creates fake. Fake means it’s not real. Thinking about something joyful's not the same as feeling the joy of it. Feeling excited about the experience is the power, not the thought or affirmation.
Article about being a creator

Creator or relator, what’s important?

Moment of Clarity: You are here as a creator to keep creating. Relationships are there to serve your creativity. One of the biggest hindrances we experience is thinking about how others will feel if we actually do that.
Pay attention to what you are feeling about people

Giving what you want people to receive

Moment of Clarity: People don't receive your good intentions, they receive what you're feeling. People don't receive your words, deeds or things you give them. Be determined to give the gift of powerful vibrations.


Don’t focus on money or the amount, ask yourself what do I want the money for? Make sure what you think about brings up good feelings, otherwise adjust the image so it feels possible. Day dream about what it will feel like when you have the things and only focus on details if it feels good. Details about how it is going to happen will likely create resistance and in fact, it has already happened so you don’t need to think about the how.