Are you giving but friends and family not receiving anything?

That’s because we don’t give words, deeds or things, we give vibration!

We’ve all heard the phrase “well I meant well” but it’s so misunderstood. The only thing that constructs or de-constructs situations in life is our vibration. So, we need to be aware of what our intention is. It’s not what we do with our thoughts, it’s what we’re feeling that has power. You might be thinking, “Well, I must have been feeling something good to do something”, right? Not necessarily. You can show up at a party with a big gift but what you’re really feeling might be far from helpful.


In the Bible, Jesus was able to heal people because he saw them as they really are. Jesus saw them whole and powerful. He took care of what he was feeling about them. He didn’t let their version of their reality distract him. Even after healing one guy who couldn’t walk for 26 years, he told the guy to pick up his bedding before he left. He demonstrated that he didn’t see this guy who could walk again as a victim or that he felt sorry for him. There was no special allowance in his attitude because he’d been sick for 26 years.  Jesus treated him as he would anyone who was perfectly healthy. He kept his vibration high.


Your feelings determine whether you really meant well

We can only attract to us that which we actually believe. Let’s use an example. Imagine that you’re day dreaming about winning the lottery.  It’s fair to guess that you’ve got a list of people you want to share it with. The think you probably didn’t think about is this. Whilst you are thinking about the people you want to help you are probably not feeling powerful feelings about them.

Many of them might be going through challenges and so what you are bringing to heart is how “bad” things are going. Without realising it, you’re bringing up feelings about them lacking. Even if you can feel them in a powerful place, if they don’t they can’t attract the money. That’s a bummer if your ‘plan’ for attracting this lottery win includes them.


The thing about vibration is that it isn’t based on how nice you are. It’s not based on how kind you think you are.

Whatever you’re thinking that gets you excited about the lottery win (or whatever you want to happen), mustn’t include pictures of either you or anyone else in a bad place.

Once you’ve won the lottery or achieved an exciting goal, then you can enjoy sharing! It’s important to always keep in mind that you can’t to a good feeling place with any bad feelings.


Check your vibrations

Before you give something or do something for someone, check what you’re feeling. Is that powerful for them. Is what you are planning to do in alignment with seeing them win, healthy, joyful. Often we are more powerful allies for each other by just thinking thoughts that feel good about them rather than all the energy, time and money we put into things that on the surface seem “well intended”, but in truth aren’t.



Think about what you’re feelings towards others and make sure you’re feeling them as powerful, able to be completely healthy, capable and rich. This is the most powerful way you “help” them, not seeing them as needing help – this is the only “good intention”.