Get rid of fear and head for your comfort zone

Do I need to come out of my comfort zone to be successful?

No! Your comfort zone feels good and good feelings attract good experiences.

How many times have you watched a self development video and cringed when you heard the words “you need to come out of your comfort zone!“? It’s nonsense, literally! The truth is that our comfort zone is where we’re most at peace. The real, authentic you feels comfortable. It’s because we’re not there that we’re in pain.

Article on how to stay in your comfort zone

You’ll probably have noticed that whenever you hear that phrase, you feel many of these feelings in your body:-

  • sudden exhaustion,
  • a feeling of impending doom and nervousness,
  • nausea,
  • anger and resistance.


That’s because your brain stem has a fight or flight mechanism defaulted to always drive you towards joy and away from pain (which is towards joy of course). When you hear the words “get out of your comfort zone”, it’s not the situation that your body is pulling away from, it’s the feelings you feel when you hear the words.


Coming out of your comfort zone feels bad so don’t tell yourself you need to. If there is something you feel fearful about you want to do just tell yourself “this is exciting, I am going to run into my comfort zone” in order to feel good! Whatever you want has already been created, you can feel it… all that requires is for you to align with the vibe which feels “good”.