A clarity coaching session with Annemarie relieves you of resistance and struggle.


session to expand your life into a space it has never been before.


Find peace in situations draining you unnecessarily. Yes, we all experience worrying or physical pain but whether it lasts seconds, or months, depends on vibration. Did you know that any fear you’re feeling cannot come from something that hasn’t happened yet? Just knowing that changes things already doesn’t it? It’s hard to heal when we can’t see how it can happen.


Get rid of that painful push-pull feeling about the situation that’s draining your time and energy. The fact that you’re even feeling this tug of war means there’s an argument somewhere. It’s totally understandable, until you see how to know which voice is truly yours and which is a lie or something you’ve been trained at. Forget mistakes, you don’t make any!


The truth sets you free by uncovering your lies. I’m going to help you reveal truths you can stand on that will dissolve that skittish, irritated, powerless feeling you might be wrestling with. You’ll be armed with an iron-clad strategy if you ever feel like this again. Feeling less powerful is a perception you’re borrowing and any ‘timing’ is never wrong because you weren’t wrong!


You’re feeling that’s something’s off; that part’s super efficient. However, knowing how to find peace is where you can sit for literally decades. You are subject to a thousand ways to resolve a situation that’s troubling you, but the only effective one is the one that comes from within you. I can help you listen to the true voice as opposed to “ideas that make sense”.


Clarity is the end of confusion and confusion is the resistance stopping all the peace, ease and adventures you deeply want to experience.

Clarity coaching relieves you of resistance and struggle.

Something’s bothering me!

Choose yes or no with confidence

Something’s bothering you about life. You’re all in but you just feel off no matter what you throw at the problem. You’re fried at the seams tossing and turning over decisions you feel squeezed to make. Should you take action, should you just wait and see, is it even the best thing to do? Hell what’s to do?

The magic’s dying because you’re giving it your all and nothing’s budging. The pain’s getting worse, the lousy boss isn’t leaving any time soon, your partner’s clothes are still in the same sweet spot on the floor where they’ve been dumped every day for the past ten years, the bank account’s permanently on strike, the people working in your business are constantly butting heads or calling in sick.

Your energy’s getting snuffed out by the bundles of energy you’ve invested. One more email about getting successful and you gonna throw up right? It’s not even a big problem you’re sweating over but your mojo is dimming.

Maybe you’re stuck in that horrible muddy place we all know about, “I should be there by now, I should have solved this considering how much I know and what I’ve done already”.

Maybe you’re dragging your confidence down to boot without any help from life? Well, hang on a minute, don’t throw the towel in on your vision and your hopes. It’s more of a certainty that you’re banking on needing a revolution when all you really need is revelation.

Clarity coaching relieves you of resistance and struggle.

Let’s lighten things up!

Light up a revelation and have a breakthrough shift

I’m guessing you’ve heard the phrase, the devil’s in the detail, well it’s true. Details that are shaping your perception of a situation from, “You don’t need to lift a finger right now“, to “If I don’t fix this I’m quitting.” It’s all going to get a whopper of a shift if you stop throwing more energy at whatever it is and get some ‘back door info’. You’re probably focused on change but not seeing there’s a difference between change and improvement.

Having peeked into the back door (thanks to an out of body experience), I saw how much our eyes delude us. There’s a game going on, an energy game. Imagine that in this game you’re at a level 6 (and these levels represent vibrational waves). You might be great at action and have great willingness to mix things up but if you don’t see behind the scenes, whatever you create will resonate with your 6 energy waves.

On the outside, life is looking very different but in reality, you’re going to a yoga class, it’s being blasted with your six energy vibe. You go to your work, still blasting the six energy. You go on a diet, still blasting out that six. You take medicine, six blasting out a six. The details of the circumstances can be deluding you.

Are you ready to rip off the front page, climb behind the scenes and check out the wiring? You want to go up in power, not deal yourself another experience that gives you a blast of air up the butt and then leaves you still sitting in disillusionment.

YOUR clarity coach

Clarity Facilitator – Investigator – Troubleshooter

“An intuitive with insightful ‘investigative’ abilities to be able to go behind the scenes as a ‘translator’ for what’s happening and how to improve what’s going on in your life.

What I bring to the table is the gift of being able to share with you, intangible information behind the scenes of what’s happening in your life. Critical information that may be blinding you from your true path to expansion. An out of body experience made me privy to very practical and life-altering information about how to navigate our present, so that we can stop worrying about what comes next! Let’s just say I was given a back-stage pass into the matrix.

My background experiences are very varied; I have lived in six countries, worked in the corporate world for over 25 years and worked as an entrepreneur sharing a business with my partner for the last 20 years. During my time working a job in the corporate world, I was fondly nicknamed an “alien in a suit”. This was because of my ability to sit comfortably into the two genres of both “alternative and corporate”.

An astrologer who once read my chart, was left dumbfounded and said that he had never seen a chart where a person could be both an abstract artist and a hard-headed, pragmatic scientist at the same time.

This means I can benefit you tremendously. Whether you are New Age hippie who is comfortable conversing with Angels and constantly refers to energy…  or someone who is more comfortable wearing a pin-striped suit and trusts more in what you can see, touch and take to the bank… I GET YOU.

I have a knee problem caused by too much weight and too much driving.

Simon’s ‘Story’

Simon’s “Story”

I believe I am stuck because of fear.

Karen’s “Story”

I believe I am stuck because of fear.

Mette’s “Story”

I am so fit... why is this happening to me?

 “Peter’s Story”

I have a knee problem caused by too much weight and too much driving.

Simon’s ‘Story’

Simon’s “Story”

Karen’s “Story”

Mette’s “Story”

 “Peter’s Story”

BOOK a breakthrough

Book a 1-on-1 Clarity Session
(via Zoom)

60 mins could change the entire direction of your life.

Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking you have to figure out what the problem really is before you decide you need help. The pain might seem it’s a relationship problem or a career problem but discover it’s something completely different. Trust your gut; if something is speaking to you about needing some clarity, this could be one of those life-defining breakthrough moments.

Let’s talk about the details …

If you need help with any of this, just email us and we’ll help you every step of the way.

It’s exciting for me that you’re here wanting to see the truth and unlock expansion for yourself as opposed to tolerating a trip around the same old mountain again. More power to you… so let’s do this thing shall we?

Basically, anywhere you want as long as you’re hooked up to the internet, you’re good to go. Our conversation takes place on Zoom which is the next best thing to shifting life while we’re hooked up, sitting in the same room over a cup of coffee.

There is a link in the shop to download and get simple instructions about how to join a Zoom meeting if you haven’t used it before. It’s incredibly easy to get on Zoom that’s why it’s spreading like wild fire!

Your 1-on-1 is a private zoom call with Annemarie for 90 minutes to dive deeper behind the scenes and create real life shifts. This is not about  giving to a new “plan” you can stick in the cupboard… it’s about Annemarie gleening your answers out of you by using sharp insights and ears to really listen. Neither is it introducing a whole load of new prescriptive exercises you aren’t going to do!

A 1-on-1 session costs 1,300 Danish kroner  ($193) for a 90 minute session.

Note: There are also 30 minute ‘follow up’ sessions available if you want to expand on get clarity on shifts you might be going through.

Good question… I thought you’d never ask. When you’re ready to get started, just click the button “LET’S DO THIS!” which will jump you into the shop to book a time, pay and answer any other questions I anticipate you might have. But hey, if you’ve still got a question, just pop me an email.

That’s easy, because you and your happiness are the most important thing in your world right now! Knowing the truth about how to get the best out of your life makes for a better world… and I’m not saying that to blow smoke up your butt! I couldn’t me more serious, when you win, everything in the world gets elevated. It’s not until you shift the weight that’s hanging over you or dragging you through the day that you realise the real cost of being confused or in a state of indecision.

What you deem to be a little confusion, or struggle, has a ripple effect on the world… not only that, but just a 2% shift in what you think is a small change can have phenomenal effects on opening up flow for more joy and happiness. It’s amazing how much relief you can experience in a conversation with a different set of eyes, an open mind and an eager heart.

Can you have a copy of the recorded call… yes of course. It’s very helpful as a reference to go back to, especially as I know there will be one life-altering exercise to lock into your daily life which you will want to listen to again by yourself.

A NEW ERA has dawned

Have you noticed in the last few years a sense of disillusionment and stuckness that you can’t seem to shake off or get past? A fabulous new paradigm is opening for you.

In 2012, while you might have been still stuck in traffic, arguing with your partner about who’s driving the kids, thinking about trying to call in sick to work, popping anti-anxiety tablets or head-spinning over the next strategy of how to increase your business orders… the new Age of Aquarius ushered in an energetic shift to expand all our lives. Expansion is going to happen for everyone; how fast, is personal, but the process cannot be escaped as the third dimensional paradigm we’ve always operated in, has now collapsed. In practical terms, the third dimensional way of living is the belief that life is happening to me because of something or someone on the outside of me. The new paradigm forces us to realise that there is no outside, it is ALL me.

The old hustle culture of pushing, squeezing, hoping, motivating and checking yourself into this month’s “self-development” seminar for more and more information has had it’s day. It got us so far as it was supposed to; the game hasn’t changed… but we’ve entered a new level of how to play that reveals nuggets we just couldn’t access before. Sure, you’re going to always be seeking new information but you’re going to start to be more selective as the “being” in you now takes over from the “do’er” who’s been running the show.

The mass purchase of Harry Potter books was a preclude to an era priming us to get familiar with “magic”. An era pulling us away from relying on things that have no real power over us. Perceived power sources such as governments, economies, viruses, companies giving or not giving us a job etc. A time that reveals the power is within us and always has been and more importantly, where it is and how to use it effectively.

If you’re a “baby boomer” and on this page, it’s likely you’re tired and weary of not being able to get past a certain level of experience; you’ve been here too many times and you feel done. You’ve changed your relationship, your job, your business, done all the keep fit regimes but you notice you still can’t get to fill this hollow feeling that there’s more.

You get momentary blasts of motivation but it just fizzles out as fast as it takes off leaving you disillusioned, doubtful things will change and running out of solutions you believe in any more. This is the old paradigm breaking away; a paradigm that made it OK to push, stretch and squeeze without letting you know that something’s not quite right about this.

Raise your vibration because it effects everything from health to finances.

Moment of clarity


Everything you give attention to will be effected to the same degree.

Raise your vibration by dissolving confusion which is resistance. Changing circumstances can look different but deliver the same experience.

Change means “change”, not “expansion or improvement”. Changing your circumstances does not mean you’re taking life from a quality of 6 to a 7; unless those circumstances involve changing your vibrational frequency, you’re simply changing how it looks, not feels.  A new home, a new partner, a new job looks very different on the surface and yes, the change will definitely suggest relief from what felt like a hard or unwanted situation and you will probably notice a “hopeful” feeling. However, it doesn’t mean you have healed what caused the pain.

It’s the design of the human game that we keep “changing” until we come to the end of that game, feel the feeling of exhaustion and start asking the questions we’ve never asked before. I had lived in five different countries before I stopped and realised that if I was miserable in each experience then the misery must be in me. This point in the game is where I am able to help.