No you can’t, fake creates fake

Fake means it’s not real so you can’t fake it to make it

If you want it to be real it’s got to feel real. Sure, you may have lots of things you’re day dreaming about, but does the thought feel really good?  You can’t get to a place without being in the place first.

For example, if you’re telling yourself you’ve got a million euros and you feel resistance, that’s because your inner self is letting you know it’s a fake move. Maybe you’re too busy trying to figure out how. Just go shopping in your mind, that’ll get you attracting the million. Where are you going to go in the car, who’s with you? How do you feel driving the car, how is it different from what you have now?


Article on faking it to make it

It’s better to stay feeling good about something even if it seems like it’s got nothing to do with your goal. Everything you want feels good and is already sitting in the place where you feel good. If you want a real experience then imagining it or talking about it must feel real.

People who’ve suggested doing this have only recommended this because they didn’t fully realise it was not the imagining that created it, it was because of the passion they were feeling.



If you can’t feel the joy of something happening, it’s not going to show up yet. Fake attracts fake, bad attracts bad. Better to distract yourself with another way to feel happy regardless of how irrelevant you think it is. Feeling joy and excitement of being in the experience is the power, not the thought or affirmation.