Business troubleshooting and clarity session 1:1


to expand your business to more easily deliver the lifestyle you want from it.

Ever wished you could go behind the scenes in your business …

and double-down on the decision that is the most effective and efficient right now?

YOUR questions

We will start with what feels heaviest right now. No matter where we start, it will lead us into any confusion that is probably effecting every other area of what you think is an issue.

Clarity effects everything, business, relationships, finances and health.



Clear about your product/service?

I perform the function of a conduit. I can pick up energy that feels confusing or fighting. I can help you get clear about your product as opposed to the process that you might be promoting. You may be feeling a lull in your passion for your business because it is time to clear up vagueness. If you are unclear you attract visitors to your business who are unclear; not sure if this is for me, not sure I want to buy now, now sure if this will work, etc.



Vibration is currency!

Let’s look at how much of your time you are “in the money” and how you can improve that percentage. It’s common as entrepreneurs to spend so much time thinking about money and strategies but none of that time is on the money. These times are liabilities not assets. However, it’s easy to ‘believe’ you are getting somewhere or it’s a necessary part of ‘business life’.



I can channel a direct answer.

I am able to channel ‘yes or no’ answers to specific questions. I can connect to your subconscious and will get a physical response through my hands spinning (for yes!) and no reaction (for no!). I can help you formulate the questions for the most effective feedback. For example, does my business need an autoresponder? I can tell you the answer is no; a business doesn’t need anything specific. However, if you ask, would having a newsletter to sell my products and services be a good investment for my business right now? Your subconscious/spirit guides process informati0n literally.



A problem or conflict need resolving?

Perhaps you have a specific situation causing you frustration. It may be a relationship issue within your business or maybe a problem that’s arisen and you need to make a decision about how to move forward. Are you thinking of moving forward in some way and feel doubtful about whether it’s a good move or fit?

THE offer

How to zoom in on your business and glean profound insights, confidence and enormous sighs of relief  …

Clarity about where all the pain, hold ups and unwanted results are actually coming from;
Confidence about what needs to be upgraded, released, or left alone as opposed to random presumptions;
Unique life altering business GPS tracker delivering powerful insights from men and women around you;
Inner game breakthroughs that ensure the moves you make are potently effective;
How to kick frustration to the curb and feel the relief of freedom by playing the “True or False” game;
How to trigger growth hacks by shifting from positive thinking to cellular healing through 3 minute exercises you don’t need a therapist for;
Relief from the overwhelming pressure of always feeling you have to do more
Clarity that you can expand exponentially without having to set goals;

A wonderful New Age
has dawned

Have you noticed in the last few years a sense of disillusionment and stuckness that you can’t seem to shake off or get past? Don’t worry, it’s happening for a very positive reason

In 2012, while you were still stuck in traffic, arguing with your partner about who’s driving the kids, thinking about cancelling another meeting you’re heart wasn’t in… the new age of Aquarius ushered in an energetic shift to expand all our lives. Expansion is going to happen for everyone; how fast, is personal, but the process cannot be escaped.  In practical terms, the third dimensional way of living is the belief that life is happening to me because of something or someone on the outside of me. The new paradigm forces us to realise that there is no outside, it is ALL me.

The old hustle culture of pushing, squeezing, hoping, motivating and checking yourself into this month’s “self-development” seminar for more and more information has had it’s day. It got us so far as it was supposed to; the game hasn’t changed… but we have entered a new level of how to play that reveals nuggets we just couldn’t access before.

Nuggets asking you to be more real about who you are and what really lights you up so your business can reflect that.

If you’re a “baby boomer” and on this page, it’s likely you’re tired and weary at not being able to get past a certain level of experience in life; you’ve been here too many times and you feel done. You’ve changed your relationship, your job, your business strategies, done all the keep fit regimes but you notice you still can’t get to fill this experience that there’s more.

You even get momentary blasts of motivation but it just fizzles out as fast as it takes off leaving you disillusioned, doubtful things will change and running out of solutions you believe in any more. It’s you feeling yourself merge into the new paradigm.

Annemarie Doolin - Business Clarity Coach & Troubleshooter

Meet Your Facilitator

Better known in the corporate climate as “An alien in a suit”

I’m an investigator seeking to understand the difference between truth and lies to find out why despite all the boxes being ticked, expansion is not happening.

Whether you’re a person who needs tangible nuts and bolts strategies or a person who is totally comfortable accepting something you have no evidence of, “I get you”. An astrologer once expressed being dumb-founded at my chart; he pondered on how much a hard-nosed scientific mind could operate so effectively with my abstract, ethereal visionary perspective.

In my early twenties I experienced an out of body experience that was to change my vision and perception forever.

I have worked over 25 years in the corporate world and was offered a full-time lecturing position on management by a business management college.

For the last 20 years, I have been an entrepreneur with my Danish partner, running various online businesses.

Basically, anywhere you want as long as you’re hooked up to the internet, you’re good to go. Our conversation takes place on Zoom which is the next best thing to shifting life while we’re hooked up, sitting in the same room over a cup of coffee.

There is a link in the shop to download and get simple instructions about Zoom if you have not used it before. It’s incredibly easy to get on Zoom that’s why it’s spreading like wild fire!

Your 1-on-1 is a private zoom call with Annemarie for 2 hours to dive deeper behind the scenes and create real life shifts. This is not about giving to a new “plan” you can stick in the cupboard… it’s about Annemarie gleening your answers out of you by using your sharp insights and ears to really listen to what your business wants to tell you about where it wants to go next to create more fruitful shifts.

A 1-on-1 session costs 2,500 Danish kroner for a 2 hour session. We may not need a full two hours but it’s available if we need it.

Good question… I thought you’d never ask. When you’re ready to get started, just click the button “LET’S DO THIS” which will jump you into the shop to book a time and pay and answer any other questions I anticipate you might have. But hey, if you’ve still got a question, just pop me an email.

Because you and your happiness is the most important thing in your world right now. Knowing the truth about how to get the best out of your business makes for a better world… and I’m not saying that to blow smoke up your butt! I couldn’t me more serious, when you win, everything in the world gets elevated. You’re soul triggered this business but you may be following too many “solutions” of other people’s tried and tested formulas; even if you actually took some education in business, these strategies only cover 50% of your business plan (i.e. the masculine aspect of your business). There’s 50% you may not even be aware of that wants to elevate your lifestyle in terms of quality time, energy and invigoration and more money to invest in things you’d like to experience.

What you deem to be a little confusion or struggle in your business has a ripple effect on the world… not only that, but just a 2% shift in what you think is a small change can have phenomenal effects on opening up flow for more joy and happiness. It’s amazing how much relief you can experience in a two hour conversation with a different set of eyes, an open mind and an eager heart.

Can you have a copy of the recorded call… yes of course. It is very helpful as a reference to go back to, especially as there may likely be some very effective tips to shifting blocked emotions you can commit to memory so they’re locked down as you move forward in life.

Let’s talk about
the details, shall we?

If you need help with any of this, just email us and we’ll help you every step of the way.

It’s exciting for me that you’re here wanting to see the truth and unlock expansion for yourself as opposed to tolerating a trip around the same old mountain again.

More power to you… so let’s do this thing shall we?