Animals pay a high price for us but what do you pay for them?

You don’t have to go crusading the plight of abused animals because it’s all happening at home

We all despair at the videos we see about the abuse of animals and think it’s the people farming them or the supermarkets but they are just showing us who we are and how valuable animals are to us. We think by posting horrifying videos on Facebook we are doing our bit. Actually, all that does is give other people a bad moment and makes a statement that it’s somebody else’s problem.

When you go to the supermarket I encourage you to start thinking about the price you pay for your meat. It’s not eating meat that’s hurting us or the world, it’s our “individual” relationship with that animal who has given it’s life for us. Stop looking for the cheapest and decide to pay the meat for it’s value!

Article about the price of meat

The additives, pesticides and the way animals are treated comes from us

There’s so much fear about all the additives, pesticides etc. around animals and how healthy they are but the value of health and more specifically “nutrition” is the “nutritional value” in the vibration in the situation. Everything is placebo. You could easily package meat which has been modified and mistreated in horrifying ways under a “prestigious” brand and it would not be harmful because the person believes it’s quality.

When you buy meat, it is important to get into a feeling of reverence and gratitude for the animal. Even if you pay higher prices for your meat now, make sure you check your feelings… is it “because I feel I deserve it” or “because I feel the animal is valuable”? Don’t get these two attitudes confused.

It’s what we feel about the meat that hurts us and the world… and how we feel about the animals is the evidence of the price we are willing pay!


Give reverence to the animal when you pick it up in the supermarket. Tell the animal you gave the highest price because you love that it gave it’s life for you. What farmers or supermarkets do is not what effects the nutrition in the meat you consume… the nutrition will be the quality of the feeling you invested in that meat.