Are you missing being a creator because of relationships?

Your mission is to create, relating should serve your mission

You can’t help relating to people, they’re all around you. From close family and friends, to the people you sit next to on the train, they’re just there. You don’t even need to think about how you feel about them, you’re gonna feel something! Our perfect “tracking system” is our feelings and the challenge is that it’s always switched on. As it’s always switched on, it’s so easy to get caught up in the things around us that can be a distraction. Without realising it, we put relationships before creating, when relationships (whilst incredibly powerful), are there to serve us as a creator!

With so much self development material, why does it feel little is changing?

Nobody at school tells us we’re here as a “creator”. You’re a creator with oceans of creations inside you wanting to be expressed. It’s rare that any of us had this pumped up person in our life telling us how we’re supposed to be happy. How your life is about creating the experiences that make your heart sing and when the juice’s gone, to create something else.


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If I do it, somebody’s going to be upset

The greatest experience you’re going to have is being who you really are. Expressing your true nature and doing the things you love. One of the biggest hindrances we experience is thinking about how others will feel if we actually do that. We have a fancy name for it these days, “political correctness”. So often we do things “so others don’t feel bad“. Problem is that when we do that, we let the most important person down, ourselves.

Artists are a great example of our nature. They can get so consumed in what they’re doing that it’s the only thing that matters. Not only that but it’s enough to fill them up!

Are you saying I shouldn’t care about other people?

No, of course not (even if you could switch that button off). I’m saying that making sure you experience the great things in your heart and your day dreams is the best way to care about other people. Your vibration effects everyone. The more joyful you become the more you raise the planet’s vibration. The state of your heart is how you make the world better.

We love children because we see in them, the things that matter to us. We want them to be happy. Even when we talk to them we think about saying it in a way that makes them feel good. We watch them pick something up for half an hour and play the heck out of it. We love the way a stick on the ground becomes a magic wand.

Children are allowed the freedom to recognise they’ve had the juice out of it. They’re allowed to drop it and look for something else to turn into a magic pirate ship. When children do it apparently it’s ok. How easily we go along with their freedom to enjoy what they’re doing and then move on, but we don’t allow ourselves the same freedom.

Why? “Well that doesn’t make money, I need to be responsible! I’ve started it now so I should finish it. I can’t just waste the time and money I put into it. I said I’ll do it so I’ve got to. etc. etc.” By not understanding your mission as creator it negatively effects your career, health, finances and relationships.


You are here as a creator to keep creating. Relationships are there to serve your creativity. Being of service means getting yourself into a vibration with which you can be of service. That vibration is joy. Follow your joy as a creator. Encouraging others to follow their joy is how to be a powerful relator.