Annemarie Doolin
Illuminator & Conduit

I See and Feel the Intangible Truth Behind Physical Reality

I see what you can’t see behind what you can see!

Author, Annemarie Doolin


Annemarie is the author of four books; “Marry Yourself Before You Slip Away”, “Home Your Wealth”, “Power Surge” and “Self Discovery”.

Website Designer

Annemarie uses her intuitive gifts to tap into the spirit of a business and help business owners understand their products in a way that helps promote and work their website in a more effective way.


Annemarie offers seminars speaking on topics that help people see behind the veil; simple, yet profound insights into how to stay healthy, wealthy and loving.

Interior (Mind) Designer

Acting as a “conduit”,  Annemarie is able to help you identify your real beliefs and recommend simple and powerful adjustments to your home and working spaces to re-design and re-program your mind to open up the flow of more joy.