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You have already created it,
just clear up the contradicting feelings

Good intentions are what you feel not what you think or plan to do

What is the truth about good intentions?

Moment of Clarity Good intentions are not what you want to happen but what is actually happening inside you emotionally. So often you hear people say with a disappointment expression, “well I meant well” but ...

How do we end the war on “Being Gay”?

Moment of Clarity We end the war on being gay by eradicating the word "gay". Gay is not an identity, it’s an activity. Gay is being defined as an identity which it isn’t, this is where the conflict begins.
Pay the highest price for your meat as a reflection of your investment

Are you abusing animals without realising?

Moment of Clarity When you go to the supermarket start thinking about the price you pay for the meat. It’s not eating meat that’s hurting us or the world, it’s our “individual” relationship with that animal who has given it’s life for us.
What does feeling offended really mean?

What does feeling offended reveal to you?

Moment of Clarity: Feeling offended means you feel confused. Any time you feel offended it simply means that you're feeling two opposing opinions inside and that's why you're aggravated.
Relationship problem, "They cheated on me".

Why did they cheat on me?

Moment of Clarity: They haven't cheated on you, they weren't even thinking about you. Why not? Because they're unhappy and trying to find this feeling of "satisfied".  The pulling away is different for men and women.
Take the tired test to see if you are tired or bored

Tired or bored, take the Tired Test

Moment of Clarity: How can you tell if you’re really tired? Imagine you’ve just won the lottery and see if you’re too tired to pick up the cheque.There’s a condition though, you’ve got to hop on a plane in an hour. Can you do it?
Relationship article about not being on the same page

We’re not on the same page anymore

Moment of Clarity: You never were on the same page and you never will be. Not being on the same page is often used as the reason a couple feel like they’re breaking up but it’s not. Being on the same page is only a perception.
Can you fake it to make it in life?

Can you fake it until you make it?

Moment of Clarity: No you can’t, fake creates fake. Fake means it’s not real. Thinking about something joyful's not the same as feeling the joy of it. Feeling excited about the experience is the power, not the thought or affirmation.