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Why does clarity
open the floor gates of ease?

In short, because the reason for any pain, struggle and resistance is confusion.  When you are confused, it’s like the experience of trying to tuning a radio to your favourite station. When you’re in between neither stations all you get is intermittent pieces of broadcast from each station and that’s what’s happen to our energy fields. Our soul’s tuned in to the “plan” but we’re not dialling into it.

When you release the confusion, natural order and flow magnetises the next step organically.

Hilarious commercial from Volkswagen highlighting the need to find the source of the problem.

You might remember the advert Volkswagen put out back in 1990 (see the video on the left). It was brilliant and highly successful. It’s a great example of being clear about what the problem really is before you go crazy and waste so much time, energy and money. Whilst the video is a laugh, it carries with it great wisdom. Once you decide you think you know the problem and are not willing to let go, you keep hitting the same results.


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1979 The Awakening

I left school in 1979 when the computer age was just launching. Having left school still wanting to be an interior designer, I had this profound (yet seemingly ridiculous) impulse to study computer programming. The only available course was a “correspondence course” which back in the day was the only option. I would do my homework and then send it in to be graded. I always remember at the time thinking how strange this impulse was and though I did the course I never did anything with it until 35 years later when I was attracted to building websites.

Programming takes you behind the scenes into the mechanics of every instruction and you get to understand the consequences and the painful impact of missing a simple “full stop”; the complete website can simply disappear! Programming teaches you to ignore the “online version” and focus on the details behind the scenes that isn’t visible to the naked eye. When I experienced an out of body experience, the strange experience I had really made sense; how a chair could acquire a voice and “a dialogue” whilst looking like something completely different! The more I trusted this new vision, the more it delivered its truth.